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The story of Rupert, the CEO

Rupert strives to be a good boss. He cares as much for his employees as for his clients. He wants his company to be sustainable in the way that it would last forever.
Rupert's company has been running for some years now, its business processes and reporting tools are fine. But Rupert wants more. He has heard about sustainable ways to improve its business practices like producing more with less but doesn't know where to start.

Hopefully, one day Rupert meets the Sustainable Dashboard team and together they define what metrics are important to share with its clients and employees in order to improve the business and let them know how they improve their sustainability.
To obtain the metrics, the team uses the existing energy meters, brings their own wireless meters when necessary and links the whole thing to the business database.
Today, all the metrics are available in real-time and shared on a big screen at the front desk of the company. His clients and the employees can also access it from the internet.

Every now and then, Rupert organizes some fun environmental contests in his company by deparments. The winner is the department that achieves the best reduction in consumption with regards to the previous month (electricity, water, printing paper, etc.).
He gets everybody to play the game and his employees are proud of their company.

What does a sustainable dashboard look like?

how does it work?

Capture energy data within the building

Connect those data with your existing ERP to extract KPI's

Share them with your employees, using our dashboard


Data capturing

We set up the meters

We use all the sensors you already have in house like gas, electricity and water meters.
For some specific metrics you need, we complete them with our own plug-and-play wireless sensors network.
We set them up in a few hours within any building providing you with a separate physical server and its sensor database that stays entirely yours.

Next step

Data connection

We link the sensors to business data

This is where the magic happens!
We inject your business data into our sensor database. We can work with different ERP like SAP, OpenERP or any accounting software with export functions.
The most important is that we don't alter your data but use them to extract sustainability indicators such as the amount of CO2 emitted per profit generated on different time frames.

Final step

Exploit the data

Share the results!

Now we've extracted interesting performance indicators by interfacing business data and our sensors, it's time to share the results.
  • The first people you want to inform are the employees that drive their company's sustainability. We will setup big screens within public areas of your offices.
  • You may also use the results to write your sustainability report using the Global Reporting Initiative methodology or send the data to the Carbon Disclosure Project to make it available to investors!
  • Finally, you can increase your transparency by sharing your efforts on your company's website and let your clients follow them in real-time.

    Why do I need this Sustainable Dashboard?

  • Your company
    - Better your business practices in the long run;
    - Save money;
    - Involve your employees;
    - Attract new talents;
    - Increase your branding and market value.

    - Increase your visibility;
    - Increase your transparency;
    - Open the dialog on your practices;
    - Broaden your market.

    - Increase your market value;
    - Increase your credibility;
    - Secure financing more easily;
    - Attract good purpose shareholders and stabilize your share value.

    - Be a model for change;
    - Be ahead of legal compliance;
    - Secure a license to operate.

    Become partner

    You want to become a partner?

    This project is in the testing and showcasing phase and will not go mainstream before 2014.
    Meanwhile, we are eager to partner with companies that want early access to the dashboard.
    In order to be eligible you need:
  • Offices in Belgium (size doesn't matter)
  • an ERP with export functions like SAP / OpenERP or any similar software.
  • Analytical accountacy is a must.
    The setup for the early access should begin in december. If you want your company to take the leap, send us your contact informations using the form below.

    If you are a sensor manufacturer, you can also contact us in order to open our dashboard to your hardware.

    Finally, if you have other interests in the venture, feel free to contact us.
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